Dirck caught the light on the waves during an outing this winter at Smith’s Point.

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6 Responses to Winter Light on Smith’s Point

  1. Martie says:

    Looks cold!!! Nice shot.

  2. The colours are so vivid, I imagine it must have been a bracing walk to get this wonderful shot!

  3. Claude says:

    Is the sea ever calm? In any case, the light is always lovely, and you two capture is so well.

  4. Dirck Van Lieu says:

    Thank you all. It was cold, but we were dressed for it. It adds to the adventure.

    Claude, if the sea is calm, we stay home! Well, not true, but we are attracted to wild water.

  5. Susannah Clark says:

    Extraordinary light! I feel like that is what distinguishes the east from the west coast.

  6. Dirck Van Lieu says:

    Indeed, it’s one of the joys of living here.

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