This is a guest post from Brook Hedge whose family owned the bluff house, Twin Chimney in years past. She also provided the photos showing the bluff as it once was.

“These photos were taken to capture the bluff I loved where many wonderful summers were spent. Fortuitously, the casual shots of my mother, Ellie Ness, on the bluff near our then house, Twin Chimney (79 Baxter Road), and of my stepfather, Fred Ness, on the beach in front of the house, both taken in 1967, became place markers for the future sad plight of the bluff. Little did we realize when I shot the view from Twin Chimney’s roof in 1964, that the seemingly endless beach grass would soon begin to fade as is evident from the 1975 shot of what was called Ness’ Nest, the contemplative spot tucked half way down the bluff to the water. When these shots were taken, one could walk the Bluff Path to Sankaty Light, which we did nightly.” ~ Brook Hedge

From the roof of Twin Chimney - 1964

Ellie Ness - 1967

Fred Ness - 1967

Ness' Nest - 1975

All photos courtesy of Brook Hedge.

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