Bluff House is nearly gone. Only one small wing and the foundation remain to be pulled out tomorrow, with the resulting hole to be backfilled to minimize erosion from the runoff of rainwater. While the demolition is a blink of an eye compared to the construction, it is clearly exhausting, intensive work. Soon it will appear as if there was never a house there.





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  1. […] Vun Lieu Photografy has un excellent blog at documantid t'destrucshun o't' bluff las wint'r, along wit t'demolishun o'acoupla houses. T' top pitchure above an' t'one beloe air courtesy Vun Lieu. Click t'photo fer mer… […]

  2. […] Van Lieu Photography has an excellent blog that documented the destruction of the bluff last winter, along with the demolition of two houses. The top picture above and the one below are courtesy Van Lieu. Click the photo for more… […]

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