We made a trip to the Sankaty Bluff tonight to see how it fared after the recent heavy rains and saw that fresh dirt continues to fall from the top, further eroding the edge. A great deal of sand was added to the bluff in the vicinity of Swept Away and the two building remnants to the north prior to the planting of its face, extending it several feet back out toward the ocean. The SBPF has maintained the new grass there which is now fuller and greener, but to the north of Swept Away, they added much less sand and the grass there is brown and languishing. It seems that the focus of their efforts is to protect Swept Away and the other building remnants, hoping to preserve the only legally justifiable reason  for the entire project while paying much less attention to the area of the bluff where the road is most threatened by erosion. The town partnered with the SBPF in an effort to gain time to provide alternate access to the northern end of Baxter Road but the area where the bluff is closest to the road is getting the least attention.

Three members of the Board of Selectmen chose to not reappoint Dr. Sarah Oktay to the Conservation Commission last week – an obvious political decision as Dr. Oktay is an oceanographer and expert in the many water issues the island faces, and has worked tirelessly and for no compensation on the commission. This decision was a result of pressure from a special interest group that is only interested in promoting their own agenda, no matter what harm it does Nantucket.

You can see more and larger photos on Nantucket Erosion at http://www.nantucketerosion.com





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